The pie jaws are designed to give the ability to hold a circular item on nearly its full diameter. These jaws are interchangeable and replaceable and made of free machining 12L14 steel so they can easily be cut, modified, or cleaned up. Like its Swiss counterparts the bottoms of the jaws interfere slightly with the top face of the chuck in order to add to stability and accuracy. The main body of the chuck is Nickel Boron plated for lubricity. The chuck jaws are available in either blank form or stepped, and a leveler is also available. The chuck and leveler mount with a ¾”-16 thread.

——— Chuck with stepped jaws and leveler $500 ———

——— Chuck with plain jaws and leveler $450 ———

——— Chuck with plain jaws $380 ———

——— Chuck with stepped jaws $450 ———