This set up includes the following:

Table Top Assembly:

Cast Iron Headstock – The headstock is the main component of the Rose Engine. It holds the crossing wheel, spindle, index plate and carries the rosettes. It is a U-shaped metal casting which is milled to its final shape and then bearings are pressed into the races for smooth operating spindle action.

Crossing Wheel with main spindle – This finely machined part is the heart of the Rose Engine. The Crossing Wheel allows for very quick and extremely accurate phasing of the rosettes without moving the position of the work piece being ornamented. The Crossing Wheel is constructed of four main parts. They are the crossing wheel, the worm, the worm wheel, and the barrel, which holds the rosettes. The 1″ spindle supports the crossing wheel and has a 1″ x 8 tpi threaded stub for attaching your turning materials to the machine.

Plexiglass Rosettes – Twenty (20) rosettes of varying shapes are included with your purchase. Twelve (12) of these rosettes can be used at any time on the Rose Engine. Twelve (12) spacers are also included and are used to provide separation between the rosettes.

Drive Plate Pulley with 96 hole indexing – This 9″ Blanchard ground headstock pulley connects to the drive system via a poly belt to turn the headstock. In addition, its 96 indexing holes allows for precise index cutting on the Rose Engine.

Indexing Pin – Used to lock the index plate in place.

Spring Assembly – Applies tension to the headstock so that you get a smooth operating rocking motion.

Two Headstock Mounting Blocks– holds the headstock above the table top enabling it to rock in relationship to the rubbers.

Cast Iron Tower -This tower holds the rubbers against the rosettes. It’s a heavy duty piece to ensure solid performance by your rose engine.

Wooden Table Top – This wooden table top measures; 1 3/4″ x 17″ x 29″. The Rose Engine comes mounted on this table top.

Drive System:

Cast iron yoke hand crank assembly:

3 cast iron pulleys – These are the drive pulleys for the Rose Engine. One pulley goes onto the crank assembly and the other two pulleys go onto the lower shaft where one of those is connected to the headstock.

The ‘V’ Belt offers a more positive drive system that virtually eliminates the ‘ski – jump’ effect so often felt when taking a relatively pointed rubber over the top of a sharp peak on a rosette. It also reduces belt slippage. It comes with the necessary pulley and the tensioner/adjusters that mount to the bottom of the table. It is made specifically to fit on the steel base. The price includes two tensioner rollers, two belts, and two cast iron pulleys. This option is included in all new machines that are purchased with the steel base.

1″ shaft for lower assembly – Your drive pulleys attach to this shaft.

Two pillow blocks – Holds lower assembly to your stand.


7 Rubbers – .5″ & 45 degrees double ended rubber, Straight T bar rubber, 1.5″ radius rubber, 2″ radius rubber, 2.5″ radius rubber, 1.25″ Concave rubber,1.5″ Concave rubber.This set of rubbers will get you started in rose engine turning. Additional rubbers are available separately.

Universal Cutting Frame (UCF) – The UCF is a versatile tool because it can be used at any angle from vertical to horizontal. This tool requires the use of an overhead drive which gives smooth and quiet operation. It uses 2 carbide cutting inserts to achieve fine cuts in your work piece.

——————-  $4350  —————–

LRE Rose Engine 7