The Complete Lathe Package comes with everything. It is for the person that knows where they will eventually be with tooling and wants to maximize the savings. Additional items or extras come with a 5% discount.

It includes everything listed in the Rose Engine Lathe Package + the following:

Rebuilt Hardinge Cross slide

Overhead Drive System

Lindow Slow Speed Drive System

MT 2 Spindle .999″

Dovetail Tower

Detent and Segment Stops

Screw Feed Tailstock

Tailstock Bed

Spindle Adapter

Threading Attachment

QCTP Tool holder (set of 2)

Painted Metal Base with Logo

Metal Top for Rose Engine

Pumping Rosettes

PP + C & D Rosettes

Engine Turning Rosettes

Auxillary Rosette Holder

Engine Turning Tool Holder

Set of Double Sided Pumping Rubbers

.250″ Single Roller Bearing Rubber

.750″ Single Roller Bearing Rubber

.250″ Double Roller Bearing Rubber

4″ Rubber for Engine Turning

Evans Style Goniostat

Bottle Stopper Chucks (set of two)

Dome Chuck + Accessories including Double Eccentric Chuck

Dome Chuck Riser Blocks (set of 2)

Dome Chuck Extra Slide

Leveling Chuck

Straightline Chuck with Saddle and Bed

Paper Chuck & Pen Holder

Sherline Pie Jaw Chuck and Leveler

Ring Chuck

Oblique Attachment for Dome Chuck

Single Plate Oblique Attachment for Double Eccentric Straightline Chuck

Curvilinier Slide

Drilling Frame with Eccentric Cutter Head

Large Eccentric Cutter Head (only)

3/16″ Fly Cutter

——————-  $19,975 —————–