The Engine Turning Package is designed for people that are going to be doing engine turning or guilloche’ exclusively. It does not include an overhead drive or slow speed drive as guilloche’ is most often done by hand cranking and utilizes a fixed tool. It comes with the rosettes, rubbers, and upgraded tower as well as the MT 2 spindle which makes making work holding upgrades much easier. It comes right out of the box ready to cut metal and also includes the steel stand and top. It also comes with a Stepped Sherline Pie Jaw Chuck and Leveler for holding metal discs accurately.

It includes everything listed in the Rose Engine Lathe Package + the following:

Engine Turning Rosettes

Pumping Rosettes

Rebuilt Hardinge Cross Slide

Dovetail Tower

Painted Metal Base with Logo

Metal bench top

MT 2 Spindle .999″

Sherline Pie Jaw Chuck and Leveler

Engine Turning Tool Holder

.250″ Single Roller Bearing Rubber

.750″ Single Roller Bearing Rubber

Set of Double Sided Pumping rubbers

4″ Rubber for Engine Turning

——————-  $9200  —————–