This tool allows the Hardinge cross slide to be quickly and accurately mounted to a mini lathe such as the mini-Jet or Rikon. The tool consists of a section of dovetail, which has location studs on the bottom that ride up against the back rail of the lathe bed. It’s locked down by means of a cam, which is tightened by a hex wrench. Once attached to the lathe the entire dovetail can be slid up and down the length of the lathe bed without the removal of the Hardinge cross slide. The Hardinge slide can also be adjusted back and forth approximately 2″. With this mount projects can be accurately turned, faced, and bored in a manner that allows for more precise chucking and therefore better repeatability when doing ornamental turning. Metal turning tools are used to cut the wood.

——————-  $205 —————–

hardinge_mounthardinge base 2