The Slow Speed Drive is designed to automatically rotate the headstock at differing speeds, and can be engaged or disengaged using a simple clutch mechanism. The headstock can still be turned using the hand crank, however, when a slow speed is required the drive can be instantaneously engaged or disengaged.

There are many advantages of using the Slow Speed Drive. These include better finishes on your final cuts by turning the headstock at a slower rate with no jerkiness in the movement, allows you to concentrate on the slide rest when making adjustments, using the drilling frame to drill large holes in boxes, reduce tennis elbow, you can leave the ornamenting to the RE while you drink coffee.

The Slow Speed Drive is driven by a DC parallel shaft gear motor and V belt, which allows for extremely low speeds yet can attain higher speeds due to the variable speed control attached to the motor. It is not possible to rotate the headstock at such a constant slow speed using the hand crank. While the drive was specifically designed to work with the steel stand it can easily be fitted to a shop built base especially those made according to the L-W plans.

——————-  $760  —————–

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