The tailstock, like most tailstocks, is made to support long, slender objects such as pens or finials. The challenge of the rose engine is that the tailstock must rock with the headstock. The tailstock bed bolts to the headstock below the spindle in two different positions, and the tailstock, that is included with the Dome Chuck, is used to support the work piece. The higher position allows for objects of about 3 ¼” in diameter to be turned. The lower position requires two riser blocks (sold separately) to raise the tailstock, which then allows diameters of approximately 8 ¾” to be turned. The tailstock bed is adjustable so as to allow for perfect alignment. Included is a spring and washer. These are placed behind the tailstock dead center to allow for pumping operations.

——————-  $210 —————–

tn_tailstock_ontn_taildead tn_tailstock