A hollow Headstock spindle with #2 Morse Taper, draw bar, and 1″-8 adapter, 18″ long. The Morse Taper 2 (MT2) spindle is made from a case hardened piece of tubing. The idea was disseminated by Fred Armbruster after he employed it to achieve 5C collet capacity on his MKII lathe. The case hardening provides a hardened OD and an ID that allows for machining giving the durability of a hardened shaft along with the accuracy and dependability of MT2 collets and fixtures, as well as the option of the ubiquitous 1″-8 thread. It not only allows for increased accuracy it also provides a platform for special holding fixtures that can be moved from lathe to lathe more accurately. It comes with a draw bar and a MT2 to 1″-8 adapter. The drawbar is made to work with standard MT2 collets.

——————-  $350 —————–

Note: For lathes before #70 the barrel must be returned to have new bushings fitted as the new spindle is .0005″ (half thou) smaller.  A $50 charge will be added for this.

MT2 SPINDLE 1mt2_spindle