The Overhead Drive System accessory is used to drive either of the three Cutting Frames i.e the Drilling Frame, and either of the two Universal Cutting Frames.

The Overdrive Drive System can be moved to match any position of the cutting frame, and is quiet in use. The variable speed controller is used to match the type of cutting frame, type of ornamenting, and hardness of the work piece being ornamented.

The Drive System comprises of the following components:

  1. Sherline DC motor and controller
  2. Motor Mount
  3. Structural framing components and brackets
  4. Shaft collar
  5. Pulley block
  6. 4 Locking handles
  7. 3 Pcs. of 1″ bar stock—36″, 24″, and 18″.


——————-  $700  —————–