The paper chuck and pen holder is made to accept a typical 4″x6″ index card for the purpose of understanding the effects of a rosette.

Experimentation is thereby greatly reduced on precious hardwoods, and the pattern can be quickly and easily filed for future use. The pen holder is spring loaded and can be mounted in a typical tool holder as well as the traditional 9/16″ tool box of the ornamental turning lathe.

The pen holder employs the typical ball point refill. The paper chuck is mounted using the 1″-8 mount which comes with the dome chuck package or can be purchased separately for $55.

The Paper Chuck body is made of aluminum with brass clamps and thumb screws for quickly mounting and changing the paper. The pen holder is made of steel and held to tight tolerances with a light spring action to make it glide easily on the paper.

——————-  $255  —————–