The pen mandrel system consists of a holder and mandrels. The holder fits into a MT1 spindle which is used in the Sherline headstocks and has also been placed into the middle of the Lindow Rose Engine MT2 non-flanged adapter (if yours does not have the MT1 please call for an exchange with one that does). The mandrels are available in sizes for .368″, .382″, .402″, .410″, .485″ pen tube diameters. Other sizes will be available in the future. The mandrels have at one end a ½” diameter which fits into the holder and is secured by means of a screw with a tapered head. This tapered head expands the slotted section of the mandrel and also has a center drilled end so as to be able to be held with a tailstock. The mandrel can also be used in a ½” collet by cinching the screw down with a ¼”-20 nut. A screw is included for use with the Sherline index head used on many LRE accessories. The mandrels can be purchased individually or in sets and more sizes will be added as requests are received. They are labeled for both the diameter of the mandrel and the diameter of the pen tube.

——————-  $280 —————–

Ask us about individual pricing.