The Segment Stop and Detent accessory consists a segment stop, two expanding collets, a Detent, and the unit’s arm.

Both the Segment Stop and the Detent are secured in the top of the unit’s arm. The whole unit mounts on the base with a ½” bolt.

Segment Stop – The Segment Stop has two adjustable stops mounted top and bottom. The Segment Stop works by first fitting expanding collets in the 5/32″ holes of the Index Plate. The collets are secured by means of a set screw in the collets. As the Index Wheel is turned the collets are stopped by either of the adjustable stops.

Detent – The Detent is also secured at the top of the arm. The Detent is spring-loaded so its detent can either be inserted in the Index Wheel, or locked out when not in use.

The Segment Stops unit will be extremely handy when using the Dome Chuck and Straight Line Chucks and there is a need to restrict movement of your work piece. Now that the Detent is more visible it will be easier to use than the current design.

——————-  $395  —————–

segment_stop2segment_stop3 segment_stop3