Upholding the Highest Standards of Craftsmanship

We proudly manufacture in the United States.  Most of the components in our clocks are fabricated on site.  Where we can, we employ age old techniques such as using jigs, fixtures, and tooling to produce high quality parts expeditiously. At times however, we embrace technology where it makes sense to reduce costs to the buyer, but always maintaining a high caliber of quality, aesthetics, and function. To accomplish this, we work closely with Columbus Machine Works, Steer Machine Tool and Die, Precision Crafted Products, and Intricate Precision Machining who all make parts specifically to our prints and standards.  We also use many components manufactured by Sherline Products often modifying and repurposing them to fit our engine turning tooling needs.  All of these vendors proudly produce American made parts at competitive rates and maintain a superior measure of excellence.  We refuse to have parts made off shore.  

Production is only part of the equation, of equal importance is the finish. Our products have high quality finishes that look as good as they function. We believe a beautiful tool will be used more and with more joy than one that is simply utilitarian.  

Clock movements, despite being most often covered by a case, must be well finished.   We proceed with the philosophy that no matter how beautiful the case, no matter how intricate the carvings or inlay may be, no matter how well-proportioned or executed, the sole purpose of the case is to protect the movement from the elements.  To that end, our movements are made to meet or exceed the standards of the cabinetmakers.  

Our Affiliates