Lindow Rose Engine News

“The Rose Engine News” is a newsletter put out about twice a year to give new instructional projects, news of coming accessories, improvements and personal modifications to the Lindow Rose Engine, and to update the owners and friends of upcoming events and recount events already past.

It is the brain child of John Tarpley, the editor, who has worked tirelessly to gather the information and put it together in a coherent and beautiful manner. There have been many generous contributors; however, Brian Clarry and Peter Gerstel have been major contributors and instrumental and invaluable in providing instructional materials that are designed to help the novice get over the intimidation of such a complex piece of machinery while adding to the repertoire of those who already have experience. For the practitioner of engine turning it is a useful source of information and ideas, even to those who own a different brand of machine. We hope you enjoy it.

Volume 1 – No. 1

Volume 1 – No. 2

Volume 2 – No. 1

Volume 2 – No. 2

Volume 3 – No. 1

Volume 3 – No. 2

Volume 4 – No. 1

Volume 4 – No. 2 Tool Bonus Issue

Volume 4 – No. 3

Volume 5 – No. 1

Volume 5 – No. 2

Volume 6 – No. 1

Volume 6 – No. 2

Index. Volumes 1 – 6

Volume 7 – No.1

Volume 7 – No.2

Index. Volumes 1 – 7