We offer a wide variety of restoration services and work on everything from fine clocks and horological items to engine turning and other antique metal working equipment.  

In the arena of clocks and horological items we specialize in period Americana as well as fine European clocks. We approach restoration “sympathetically” and eschew over restoration.  Our goal is to leave the object in such a way that our work is imperceptible. We use period materials or materials that are known to be compatible with original components when making parts.  When replacing missing parts we use existing holes and mounts. While we reverse the ills of previous bad workmanship we do not attempt to reverse normal wear marks in places where their reversal is not necessary to restore the safe function of the mechanism.  When we replace parts we often immolate such wear marks and patinas in order to make the object look whole.  We often have materials such as cast brass and special metals and other materials produced in order to stay true to these principles.  

We view clocks as dynamic objects that cannot be enjoyed as they were intended by their creator unless the person interacting with it can experience it running.  This dynamic quality is a major part of what defines a clock’s personality, and it is in our opinion that in order for the clock to truly be “conserved” it must be capable of operating, except in rare instances where the operation of the clock is detrimental to its long term well-being. Clocks were originally made with the idea that they would require periodic maintenance, and the application of such maintenance is part of what is required for it to carry out its intended purpose.  

In machine tool reconditioning, customer objectives in using the machine carries heavy consideration. We offer everything from scraping to part replacement, filling and painting.  We have learned to imitate many different styles of both scraping and Water of Ayr stone finishes.  We have experience in restoring machines and tools made by Holtzappfel, Evans, Gill, Hines, Plant, Lienhard, Neuweiler, Stahl, Field, Hall, Brohen, South Bend, Hardinge, Rivett, Stark, Pratt and Whitney, Derbyshire, Levin, Deckel, Aciera, Sixus, Hauser, and many others.